Natural Wonders



Our 2016 mosaic project entitled “The Natural Wonders of Cape Cod” provided three mosaics (one 4′ by 6′ and two 4’by 3′) from a single 4′ high by 12′ wide template of our seashore with wildlife easily identifiable by all who that all who live and visit Cape Cod cherish and hope to preserve for the future, along with descriptions of these Cape Cod environmental attractions and the concerns regarding their safeguarding.


The tiles for these mosaics have been were prepared by CapeCodCAN! participants during our Spring Art is for Everyone Program, under the direction of local Cape artists. CapeCodCAN!, in collaboration with local Cape agencies, led the project and was responsible for execution and completion. We are working worked with the Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) to document the Cape Wonders depicted in the mosaics and include appropriate information regarding preservation.


The first mosaic (4′ by 6′) was unveiled in a ceremony at the National Park Service’s Salt Pond Visitors Center on September 24. 2016, where it will remain on display for one year.  The second mosaic (4′ by 3′) is on display at the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce Centerville Visitors Center. The third (also 4′ by 3′) is being prepared for installation at a site to be determined.


This project is being made possible by generous support from The Art Foundation of Cape Cod, Eastern Bank, CARE for The Cape and Islands, The National Park Service and The Association for the Preserve Cape Cod